Strong Leadership from the Top Down

The vision, creativity and practicality of SSE's solutions come from the talented people who work here. Meet the members of our executive team who guide our projects:

Samuel Schwartz, P.E. Samuel Schwartz, P.E.
President + Chief Executive Officer + Founder
Jeffrey Trim, P.E. Jeff Trim, P.E., PTOE
General Manager (Tampa)
Erich Arcement P.E. PTOE Erich Arcement, P.E., PTOE
Senior Vice President
Alfred G. Meyer, AICP Alfred G. Meyer, AICP
General Manager (Newark)
Janet Campbell Janet Campbell
General Manager of Pedestrian Management
Mark de la Vergne
Co-General Manager + Director of Transportation Planning (Chicago)
Peter Wojtkiewicz, P.E., PTOE
Co-General Manager + Director of Traffic Signal Operations (Chicago)
Laura Toole
General Manager (New York)
Richard Rettig, M.S., FITE Richard Retting, FITE
General Manager (Washington, D.C.) + Director of Safety/Research 
Harris Schechtman Harris Schechtman
Director of Transit Planning
Amir Siddiqui, P.E. Amir Siddiqui, P.E.
Director of Construction Engineering + Inspection
Jeffrey Smithline, P.E., PTOE
Director of Traffic Engineering
Jim Brown
Director of Environmental Planning